Cryogenic Storage Tank

Distributor Tabung Gas Industri & Medis

Nisson Indonesia sells Industrial Liquid Gas Tanks & LNG Storage Tanks

Standard VT / HT Tank

  • Designed to accommodate liquefied gases, such as Lox, LiN, LAr, and industrial gases such as N2, O2, Ar
  • Available in horizontal / vertical form
  • Perlite vacuum insulation
  • Available with various standards
  • Tanks can be made according to request. (Contact us with project details and for more info)

We also sell Mini Bulk Storage Tanks is used for various types of liquefied gas, for example LOX, LIN LAr & LNG

Design Code Volume (L) Pressure (bar) Payload (kg) Insulation Type
GB/ASME 455 34.5 479 340 592 179 Super Insulation
GB/ASME 1000 34.5 1026 729 1269 383 Super Insulation
GB/ASME 2000 34.5 2280 1620 2820 852 Super Insulation