Cryogenic Vaporizer

Distributor Tabung Gas Industri & Medis

vaporizer is a component of an anesthetic machine that functions to evaporate volatile liquid anesthetics, thereby increasing the gas pressure in the cryogenic cylinder.

Nisson Indonesia sells a wide variety of vaporizers ranging from 30m³, 50m³ to 100m tabung tubes, made of aluminum. what is certain is friendly prices and guaranteed guarantee.

Model Type Boil-off Amount Max. Working Pressure
QQ-50~6000/16 Vertical, Air Temperature 50~6000 1.6 Mpa
QQ-50~6000/30 50~6000 3.0 Mpa
QQN-50~2000/165 50~2000 16.5 Mpa
QQN-50~2000/350 50~2000 35 Mpa

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