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The oxygen regulator functions to regulate the flow of oxygen released from the oxygen cylinder to leave it as needed. The oxygen regulator is also equipped with a humidier which functions to humidify the oxygen that comes out of the tube so that the oxygen we breathe is moist.

Oxygen Regulator is equipped with Flowmeter and Water Level and Nasal Canula

The following is a list of lengths of use of oxygen cylinders by size and usage:

The following is an example of calculating the Old Use of a 1m3 Oxygen Cylinder

1m3 oxygen cylinder when used continuously (non-stop) with a regulator setting 2 with a content of 80kg or above it can be used for 4 hours. If the setting is lower, which means that the oxygen discharge is small, it can be used longer.

This oxygen will run out longer if it is used less frequently.

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